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Wednesday, August 28, 2013  

Carbon-Based Nano-Materials and Devices

An ECI Conference
November 3-8, 2013
Promised Land Resort & Lagoon, Hualien, TaiwanTaiwan_Promised-Land-Resort-Lagoon-Hotel_Hualien
This conference aims to provide a forum for researchers, scientists and engineers from different countries worldwide, who are actively involved in the research on nanoscience and nanotechnology, in particular on carbon-based nanomaterials and their device applications such as biological and chemical sensing, energy conversion and harvesting, electronic and photonic applications, catalysis, electrochemistry, and simulations, to disseminate their latest research results and development achievements. In addition to the exciting scientific and technological themes, the conference offers a platform to promote and encourage interaction among researchers for cross-fertilization of ideas and collaboration. The program will consist of a series of invited, contributed oral, and poster presentations. To enhance the interaction with poster presenters, they will also give a short introduction (3 min) to advertise their work. In addition, a panel discussion will be held to promote the interaction among scientists and researchers, including discussions on new research directions for carbon-based nano-materials and devices, summary of the current state of the art and future barriers, and projections of future frontiers.
Conference website

Tuesday, July 09, 2013  

Future looks bright for carbon nanotube solar cells

Light from the sun creates charges in an ultrathinfilm of carbon nanotubes (blue), which are extracted by fullerene C60 (brown) in this schematic of the groundbreaking proof-of-concept solar cell with greater than 1 percent efficiency.
In an approach that could challenge silicon as the predominant photovoltaic cell material, University of Wisconsin-Madison materials engineers have developed an inexpensive solar cell that exploits carbon nanotubes to absorb and convert energy from the sun.
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Graphene 2014

Toulouse (France) will host the 4th edition of Graphene Conference series, the largest European Event in Graphene, from the 6th until the 9th of May 2014 at Centre de Congres Pierre Baudis. 

A Plenary session with internationally renowned speakers, extensive thematic workshops in parallel, an important industrial exhibition carried out with the latest Graphene nanotrends for the future and a brokerage event will be some of the features of this event.

Following the overwhelming success of the last three editions of Graphene, Phantoms Foundation is pleased to announce the fourth edition of this great event that will gather the Graphene community, including researchers, industry policymakers, investors and plans to be a reference in Europe in the upcoming years.

For more information visit: www.grapheneconf.com

Monday, March 11, 2013  

Carbonhagen 2013 august 19-20

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are happy to announce the 2013 edition of Carbonhagen,
the fourth Nordic symposium on carbon nanomaterials, which is to be
held in Copenhagen, August 19-20. While adhering to our motto,

“Maximising the carbon footprint”,

as much as ever, we this year welcome also reports on other 2D
materials such as MoS2, hBN etc, as well as zero and one dimensional
derivations thereof (tubes, scrolls, particles). The homepage is online
with practical information, and will be updated continuously, as
abstracts and talks arrive in our mailbox. 

The early list of confirmed speakers suggests that you will
experience an up-to-date blend of deep scientific insights,
cutting edge technology and fresh results:

· Ernie Hill (University of Manchester, UK)
· Antonio Castro Neto (Graphene Research Center, SG)
· Herre van der Zant (Delft University, NL)
· Mikhael Katsnelson (Radboud University of Nijmegen, NL)
· Alexander Balatsky (Los Alamos Nat. Lab. US; Nordita, SE)
· George Duesberg (Trinity College Dublin, IR)
· Thomas Michely (University of Cologne, DE)
· Xinliang Feng (Max Planck University, DE)
· Daniel Neumaier (AMO GmbH, DE)
· Ursel Bangert (University of Manchester, UK)

Many abstracts will be uploaded in the following weeks.

About this years meeting:

Participant limit. Noting the significant growth rate of roughly
25% per year, will this year keep a limit to the participant number
to 150 to make it easier to meet and find people, and to keep the
meeting intimate and focused. SO, please do not be late - we
could run out even before the registration deadline expires.

Zero-fee option. As always we have a zero-fee option for
students and researchers lacking funding options, as well
as regular payment options for the rest.

Breaking news. Following the “Breaking News” success of
CBH2012, we this year have two breaking news sessions.
We think it is great to have “lab-fresh” results presented at
the meeting. The breaking news sessions will be booked as
close to the meeting as we can.

Presentations, posters, prizes and deadlines

Talks. We are planning to have about 2 keynote talks (40 min),
10-11 invited talks (30 min) and 12-13 contributed (15 min) talks.
This is likely to change, as we will continue to work on making the
strongest possible programme. Oral and poster abstracts submitted 
before deadline will be published on the website and in the printed

Posters. The poster session is a pivotal event, and we will strive to
make the prizes, the exposure and the
possibility of interaction as attractive as possible. IN CONTRAST to
most meetings and conferences we already book many of the
contributed talks before the deadline, so if you are interested in
giving a talk, we recommend contacting us early to propose your
talk: info@carbonhagen.com

Exhibitors and sponsors. CBH is an excellent opportunity for
companies and researchers to meet, and we will this year
host a presentation session early in the meeting, where sponsors
and exhibitors can address the audience and introduce their
services or products. Please contact Kasper Nørgaard
(kn@nano.ku.dk) if you are interested in hearing about what
CBH can offer in terms of sponsorships and exhibition.


Abstract submission (posters): August 8, 2013. 
Abstract submission (talks): August 1, 2013.
RegistrationAugust 1 (or until the limit of 150 participants is reached)

For questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

Greetings from the organising committee:

· Peter Bøggild (Tech. Univ. Denmark)
· Bo Wegge Laursen (Univ. Copenhagen)
· Kasper Nørgaard (Univ. Copenhagen)
· Antti-Pekka Jauho (Tech. Univ. Denmark)
· Liv Hornekær (Århus University)
· Mette Lund Meisner (Tech. Univ. Denmark)
· Vibe Aarøe Drostgaard (Univ. Copenhagen)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012  


Two Symposia related to CNT and graphene will be organized in the framework of EUROMAT2013 (Sept. 8th-13th 2013, Sevilla, Spain)

Symposium A31 : ‘‘Carbon-containing composites and materials’’ 
This symposium aims at comparing composites of any kind containing carbon-based elements: carbon fibres, carbon nanotube fibres, dispersed CNTs and graphene. 
It will address their fabrication processes, properties, mechanical behaviour, and multifunctional performance, and includes the following areas of interest: 
* Processing issues related to integrating nanocarbons (i.e. CNTs, graphenes, carbon blacks, nanohorns...) in composites 
* Composites containing both nanocarbon and CF. 
* New carbon-based composite materials with CNT fibres 
* Advances in fabrication processes and performances of CF composites. 
* Multi-scale characterisation of carbon-containing composites 
* Nano versus micro in carbon-containing composites 
* Multiphasic carbon materials (e.g., carbon electrodes) 

Symposium A32 : ‘‘Carbon nanotubes and graphene’’ 
Carbon nanotubes and graphene-based nanostructures, are presently the most interesting and 
researched low dimensional nano-materials. The symposium will focus on progress and hot topics 
related to large scale production/processing, applications and industrial issues of carbon nanotubes 
and graphene. This specifically includes: 
* Synthesis, sorting and selection methods 
* Production and applications of graphene stacked with boron nitride and similar 2D materials 
* Functionalization, dispersion, processing of carbon nanotubes and graphene 
* Electronic, optical and mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes, graphene and related devices 
* Biological activity and applications of carbon nanotubes and graphene 
* Metrology and standardization 
* Applications and industrial issues 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011  

ChemOnTubes 2012, Arcachon, France, April 1st - 5th 2012

International meeting on the chemistry of nanotubes and graphene

After three conferences (2006, 2008 and 2010) and an increasing number of participants, the 4th occurrence of ChemOnTubes will be held again in the unique setting of Arcachon Convention Center, in april 2012. In addition to carbon nanotubes, which were the focus of conferences of 2006 and 2008, graphene is now a major subject for carbon chemists and is undertaking a significant scientific development. Since 2010, ChemOnTubes has opened up to the chemistry of graphene, while retaining many presentations around nanotubes. Likewise, the sessions of the ChemOnTubes 2012 conference will also be entirely dedicated to the chemistry of carbon nanotubes and graphene:

Functionalization, Dispersion, Sorting Composites, Porous Materials, Coatings, Energy Storage, Conversion and Harvesting, Nanomedicine, Biomaterials, Functional Materials, Catalysis, Filtration, Membranes, Organic Electronics

Deadline for abstract submission: 15 December 2011
See more details on the conference website: ChemOnTubes 2012

Thursday, May 12, 2011  

CARBON2011 (24-29 July 2011, Shanghai, China)

       The Annual World Conference on Carbon, which is held in the American, Asian, and European continents alternately since 2000, is a unique chance for the academic and industrial people involved in the science and technology of carbon materials and relative fields to assemble and discuss their current research. East China University of Science and Technology, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, and Institute of Coal Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, co-host the Carbon2011 under the guidance the Asian Association of Carbon Groups.
       With the rapid development of carbon science and technology, carbon materials play an important role in our daily life. Carbon is old, but it is new. With discoveries of fullerene in 1985, carbon nanotube in 1991 and graphene in 2004, carbon always attracts much attention. “Nice Carbon, Nice Life” is the theme for Carbon2011 and will become a forever theme.
The conference will cover all topics on Carbon Materials and Application. Sessions will be organized around the following topics:

1   Graphene
2   Nanocarbons
3   Carbon for Energy Storage and Conversion                                                  
4   Porous carbon and Adsorption
5   Carbon Fibers and Composites
6   Precursor, Carbonization and Graphitization
7   Computation and Modeling
8   Bio-carbon and Safety
9   Novel Experimental Techniques and Characterization
10 Bulk Carbon and Industrial Applications

Conference website

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